Fanuc Spindle Motors

Fanuc Spindle Motors are available from us at DNC Electronics GmbH and some but not all are listed here at

Covering early model AC spindle motors from black cap and red cap models through to later ALPHA series and ai and bi model of spindle motor. Encompassing series codes A06B-07xx, 08xx, 10xx, 14xx, 15xx through both 200VAC models and later high voltage motors HV. Most of the motors have motor fans on the rear of the motor exhausting forward or outwards (rear). Larger motors had metal fan cowlings fitted, smaller had plastic and very small spindle motors had no fan fitted.

Our website and current printed pricelist details some of the range of FANUC AC Spindle Motors that we support, repair, exchange or sell on outright basis. All the spindle motors that we have are listed below are motors we offer services upon or sell. Please contact us for availability and prices if not listed on the website. The only motors actually available for sale are listed with prices and are brand new.

Motors listed on the site with no prices are motors that are either refurbs available for exchange or stock permitting outright sale. All motors listed are motors that we offer extensive rebuild services upon assuming they are economically repairable motors.

Further we offer repair and rebuild of Fanuc AC spindle motors from early black caps, to S/P series onto ALPHA then to ai Series motors.

Regardless whether we are supplying the motor new, refurbished exchange or repairing your motor. All motors carry a 12 month warranty.

fanuc spindle motor
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