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Terms and Conditions (of business)

Terms and conditions.

DNC Electronics GmbH in Germany advertises its ability to supply products and services such as service exchange, used and new cnc parts, and testing facilities, as well as rebuild and repair of CNC electronics equipment. Any and all prices for parts and items listed in any of the pages from this site were correct at the time of publishing, though are subject to change, and DNC Electronics GmbH will not be held accountable for any misunderstanding of the subsequent terms and conditions listed below. If you require full Terms & Conditions of business from DNC Electronics GmbH, please contact our German office above, by phone, fax or email.


DNC Electronics GmbH only offer services to companies from Northern Europe. Which includes the following countries: Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece as well Turkey and Russia. DNC Electronics GmbH products and services are not offered to companies in Southern Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Africa, Asia Pacific or North & South America. If you are from any of these countries or regions of the world, please visit our contacts page for our agents.


DNC Electronics GmbH warranties are dependant on the type of part, service and terms that it is/was supplied under. Simply put: Exchange, Repair and Used parts come with a standard 180 day warranty from date of sale, new OEM parts that are not consumables come with a 12 month warranty, and our group parts such as new replacement LCD/LED based CNC monitors, and equivalent Fanuc and GE power supply units and Fanram memory come with a 2 year warranty. Please NOTE: All warranties are subject to the parts that we have supplied being faulty due to an internal fault, without an external cause – NOT due to individuals or companies blowing them up, due to lack of experience, negligence or ignorance in any way.

No Warranty Conditions: Certain parts that are sold by DNC do not have warranty due to the nature of the part:- Power Transistor Modules, and Fuses (THESE ARE NEW PARTS) for pcbs, power supplies, and drive units (this is due to the part being blown up via incorrect or insufficient diagnosis of the fault and the solution blowing the parts up). Also any part of any type sold as a outright new or used product, or as a repair or exchange service being interfered with in any way that electronically or physically is altering the part from its original state it left DNC Electronics GmbH premises.

DNC Electronics GmbH is not an official distributor of any manufacturer. The manufacturer’s warranty does not apply.

Warranty is Return to base for repair in which the costs of parts and labor for the job is incurred by us. Shipping of warranty items to us is to be paid by the customer, all warranty items shipped to the customer will be paid for by us. Delivery of warranty parts back to the customer is via expedited shipping, if faster services are required by the Customer then they must pay for it. In some cases, DNC Electronics GmbH may deem it possible to send out a replacement part, but this is at the discretion of DNC.


Restocking of parts ordered is offered on the following terms: 50% test and restocking fee (assuming the parts still work). 25% for parts sent back within our DNC sealed box. Any and all restocks must be concluded with 14 days from date of invoice. This is policy and no member of DNC Electronics GmbH is allowed to offer anything else. Not all parts are offered under these terms and hence DNC will not accept the part back or refund under any circumstances. This will be clarified at the point of sale.


DNC Electronics GmbH accept payment via Bank Transfer, Check (cleared), Credit and Debit Cards (Visa & Mastercard), and approved 30 day credit accounts for returning customers.

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