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FANUC RAM Parity Error (910 low / 911 high)

Fanuc RAM parity error has generated. The Fanuc alarm 911 or 910 is generated when a parity error occured in the SRAM used to store data such as parameters and programs. Caused by the battery backup running low or if the SRAM data is corrupt or because of an cause. Hardware failure such as the memory card, SRAM module or motherboard, main CPU board on later controls being defective.

Fault Finding / Solutions for Fanuc RAM parity alarm.

This is a rough flow to troubleshoot the RAM parity issue:

  • Check the battery is 3volts.
    • If the battery is below 2.7Volts the BAT either in black/red/yellow will flash on the control display. If the BAT alarm is display replace with a new battery promptly.
  • Clear the Memory from the control (corrupt SRAM).
    • Known as re-initialisation by clearing all data and using the backup of the SRAM to restore the data in the SRAM.
  • Replace Memory or SRAM module.
    • If the fault is not caused by low battery or corrupt SRAM; then moves too hardware issues. Dependent on the control system; some dependent on Memory card or SMD SRAM module plugged into the main board of later controls. In some instances the main board have the memory/SRAM hardware embedded.
  • Replace Master PCB or Main CPU board.
    • If none above have solved the problem then with older systems 3, 6, 10, 0A, 0B memory was run (embedded) on the main board similar to later 0i-D, 0i-F controls. Series Zero C/D; 15/16/18/21 and 15i/16i/18i/21i and 30i/31i had seperate memory cards or plugin SRAM modules. In all instances the MAIN CPU or the Master board may be the cause of the Fanuc RAM parity alarm.

Fanuc Parts Specialist:

If your Fanuc control system displays 910 / 911 alarm then we can help by assisting you with diagnosis and the supply of parts or system parts: memory, SRAM module or master pcb or main CPU.

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