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Fanuc BAT alarm (Battery low).

Fanuc Battery Alarm (SRAM / CMOS / APC).

The Fanuc BAT alarm can present on CNC control system relating to the preserving the CNC system or the APC batteries (absolute pulse code).

BAT flashing appears when voltage is low! As per the OEM’s instructions the battery should be replaced annually to avoid problems. Definitely should be replaced ASAP if the BAT warning appears.

Note: Please backup your system immediately.

The battery pack purpose was to backup the CMOS on earlier systems and SRAM on later systems.

The BAT lights up on the CNC display screen; be it with early CNC controls either in BAT flashing or Solid on monochrome screens (yellow, amber, green, red on black). On earlier system color CRT displays it was RED BAT in a black background at the bottom notification section of the screen. All these earlier systems had the 4.5volt battery’s in the black battery packs fitted seperate though usually in the same electrical cabinet as the CNC system. [Covers SYSTEM 3, 6, 10, 11, 15A, Zero controls]

With controls such as the 15B, 16, 18, 20, 21 and stand alone 0ix,16i,18i,21i,31i (seperate screen) the battery is fitted into the power supply unit, between the fans or into the battery cartidge socket. Also the controls with integrated display such as 16i, 18i, 21i, 3xi, 0ix all alarm the same way dependent on whether the screen is colored or mono. Monochrome was text on a black background or the inverse; color screens had the BAT alarm presenting with flashing black on yellow background.

APC batteries are 6V battery pack located in the ABS/APC circuit somewhere on your machine tool on earlier Fanuc control/drive systems. On later controls from ALPHA onwards the batteries are normally plugged into the Fanuc servo amplifier modules themselves. This can exhibit as a 307 APC Alarm or APC flashes on the control screen.

Once the batteries have been changed then BAT should stop flashing and no longer present!

If when you change the batteries for the correct type it does not solve your problem and you still get BAT alarms or the system information (SRAM/CMOS) will not hold; then contact us as we do see BAT alarms caused by other problems on control systems.

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