A06B-6134-H303#D Test / Repair

  • BETA i Series Servo / Spindle Unit
  • Bi SVPM40/40/40-15

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Fanuc A06B-6134-H303#D

This BETA series biSVPM40/40/40-15 servo & spindle amplifer unit is very popular on small CNC machine tools. These amplifiers are triple channel with 13A output capable of driving model bi12 servo motors on each axis and spindle motor upto model biLP18 size. These drives were originally introduced in 2004 and have since been redesigned on the same series, then superceeded several times over the last 18 years. Built in Japan in one of Fanuc’s many factories around the foot of Mt. Fuji. This amp is a later generation to the #A, #C versions.

This drive is manufactured at the foot of Mt. Fuji, Japan.

We have been offering services on Fanuc drives for over two decades. The BETA A06B-6134-H303#D is no exception. Currently we can offer inspection, testing and repair facilities on this drive from Stuttgart. We can test your servo + spindle amplifier electronically on our closed looped Fanuc test rigs with Bi servo and Bi spindle motors; to simulate your CNC machine tool. Further we have built up extensive knowledge and experience repairing these drives.

This later version (imcompatible with earlier #A, #C varients) has addressed most of the earlier design issues. Acting as a bridging amplifier to the later 6164 series biSVSP units. Our repair capabilities are second to none. Normally we offer a 24 hour turnaround repair on this SVPM 40/40/40-15i with full strip and clean, bench inspection looking for design weaknesses and common problems; through to replacement parts onto testing. On top we also offer rebuild of these drive though normally our exchange or outright sale will always prove more cost effective.

All Fanuc A06B-6134-H303#D carry a warranty which is enforced quickly to reduce costly downtime and get your machine tool up and running as soon as possible.

A06B-6134-H303#D Built at a budget:

Yes this particular BETA drive was built for lower end machines. Contact us to find out what services we can offer today!