A14B-0061-B105 I/P Unit

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Fanuc A14B-0076-B105

Input power unit in stock. Buy today exchange; call us on the number above. The A14B-0076-B105 is an obsolete input power unit which acts as the relay/contactor section for bringing in the power for the FS Zero control. The earlier Fanuc controls split the power to the control system between two units, the power supply unit and the I/P unit. With the incoming supply voltage either single phase mains or three phase, being dealt with by the input power unit, then powering the PSU on the control.

The original input power supplies are not interchangable with other I/P units due to connectors, etc. Though the I/P units were near bulletproof they still took any spikes/surges from the power source and could fail. These units fail/fault permanently and were not normally intermittent.

A14B0076B105 ships from Neuhausen, Germany.

As previously stated these input units were used on Fanuc series Zero controls such as the 0MA, 0MB, 0MC or 0TA, 0TB, 0TC for lathe or machining centers. The A16B-0076-B105 is a single phase varient which takes power directly from the transformer taps then using a contactor and relays brings the power down to single phase 200volt output to the power supply unit. The board A20B-1600-0080 controls the I/P unit and acts as its alarm circuit if abnormal voltage is detected.


Usually available to ship same day on order fully tested with warranty. If unsure if your I/P unit is indeed faulty then ship your power unit in for test, inspection.

Interested in learning more? Contact us if you wish to discuss options for new replacement or testing of your A14B-0076-B105 module at +49 (0) 7158 984130 or by email. We’d be happy to answer your questions!

The SERIES 0M, 0T input power unit is always in group stock and normally in stock in Germany.