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  • Fanuc ZERO CRT/MDI Switch PCB.
  • Dual display CNC controllers.
  • Model A or B controls

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FANUC A20B-1001-0820

Fanuc CRT/MDI switching board belongs to the system 0 model A. This A20B-1001-0820 PCB outputs to dual mono/colour CRT displays controlled by Fanuc 0-MA, 0-TA, FO-Mate A and other Zero controllers.

We offer full 0A testing facilities whether its a CRT/MDI switch curcuit issuing alarm via the displays, masterboard or not display at all. Graphics issues on the 0-A series can be caused by a multitude of boards. Also comms problems can present if the graphic or CRT switching boards is used in that capacity and lastly no display at all on the screen though the machine tool is otherwise fully functional.

If you are unsure whether your A20B-1001-0820 is faulty then ship to us for testing. We have been repairing this board since the early 90’s.  Repair is no problem and we also carry these boards in stock available for exchange.

A20B10010820 ships from Neuhausen, Germany

As a rule we always try to keep these CRT/MDI switch boards in our stocks. We carry fully refurbished A20B-1001-0820 cards. These are fixed by us where we have fully refurbished the printed circuit board replacing all the common components that fail on these cards as well the fault. These PCB’s are normally supplied on an exchange basis to save you money and time opposed to other non Fanuc specialist companies offering not much.


Usually available to ship same day on exchange orders fully tested with warranty. If unsure if your graphic pcb is indeed faulty then ship your board in for test, inspection.

Interested in learning more? Contact us if you wish to discuss options for exchange, repair or testing of your A20B-1001-0800 pcb at +49 (0) 7158 984130 or by email We’d be happy to answer your questions!