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FANUC A20B-2000-0220

Fanuc AC serial spindle control power board for 6064 AC spindle drives. A20B-2000-0220 is the S Series serial spindle power section pcb fitted on larger model spindle units from 6S thru to 50S model drives and motors. Unlike earlier Fanuc spindle drives, the 6064 seperated the control circtuitry from the smaller power components, as well a different wiring pcb for the three phase section of the drive.

At CNCpart.eu we carry extensive stocks of both this S series spindle control board and the complete drives which come with the A20B-2000-0220 and A16B-2201-0440 card fitted. These boards are supplied with our standard exchange / repair warranty.

6064 Power PCB is in stock

These boards are always in stock at Neuhausen (Stuttgart). Normally sold on an exchange basis (swap refubished and tested good board  for economically repairable faulty pcb). If stocks permit outright sale is possible for boards in non exchangable condition.

Alternatively we offer test and inspection facilities, backed by our quick repair turnaround. We may advise that you ship your complete spindle drive to us as the common faults can be both control pcb and power section.


Interested in learning more? Contact us if you wish to discuss options for exchange, repair or testing of your A20B-200-0220 module at +49 (0) 7158 984130 or by email. We’d be happy to answer your questions!

This S Series Fanuc AC spindle control power board is always in group stock and normally in stock in Germany.