Twin Cell 6V Fanuc Battery for Absolute Reference

  • Panasonic BR-CCF1TH
  • Part number: A98L-0031-0007
  • A02B-0120-K106 on CNC Series 15-B, 16/18/21-A
  • A02B-0130-K106 fits on CNC Series 18-A

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PANASONIC BR-CCF1TH / A98L-0031-0007

This SYSTEM battery part number is A98L-0031-0007 is normally found in modular power supplies from many different Fanuc CNC’s. Specifically this BR-CCF1TH battery is fitted on CNC Series, 15-B, 16-A, 18-A,and 21-A controls. The battery is lithium with resistor and has the following catelogue numbers dependent on system: A02B-0120-K106 (15-B, 16-21-A) A02B-0130-K106 (series 18-A). Fitted with a 2 pin JAE connector.

The BR-CCF1TH is a 3volt backup battery for the system memory with important system information. Fanuc recommends changing your battery every 12 months. Firstly we would like to recommend that you back up your control ASAP via PCMCIA Flash card or RS232 dump. 99% of the time we always keeps these batteries in stock, though we are not perfect.

The part number is usually printed on the side of the battery. The A98L-0031-0007 batteries for Fanuc can have manufacturer part numbers such as Panasonic BR-CCF1TH which is a C size battery cell. The Fanuc battery part number and the designated system or drive part number.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm