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FANUC ALARM 414 / 424 / 434

Fanuc Alarm 4n4 (servo alarm: detection system error).

Fanuc alarm 414, 424, 434 or N–th axis (axis 1–8) digital servo system fault. Refer to diagnosis display No. 200 and No.204 for details. Also look at the servo amplifier for alarm code.

In some instances thew Fanuc alarm 414 family of servo detection errors may indicate a short to ground. The short is causing too much current to flow through the power module inside the amplifier and will eventually cause it to break.


  • 414. X Axis detection alarm
  • 424. Y Axis detection alarm
  • 434. Z Axis detection alarm
  • 444. Other detection alarm.

If your CNC control has 414, 424, 434 or 444 listed as a servo detection alarm; then it needs to be treated the same as the high current alarms on the ALPHA servo amplifier modules or servo units and beta units. Namely HC, HCL, HCM, 8, 9 and A (seperate alarm page for these). Below we list possible causes to work through as a process of elimination. We do not however advise how to do this; as this should be done by a trained CNC service engineer!

Potential causes of the 4n4 or 4×4 alarms are the following:

  1. The drive amplifier (single, dual, triple channel module/unit) is faulty.
  2. The motor on the named channel is faulty.
  3. The axis command output from the system is faulty.
  4. The axis command cable is faulty.
  5. The power cable between amplifier and motor is faulty.

Fanuc Parts Specialist:

If your Fanuc control system displays a HC / 414 or 8/9/A alarm then we can help by assiting with diagnosis and the supply of parts or repair of servo drives, motors and control systems. Further we can build cables on order if required.

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