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Fanuc Alarm 449 (INVERTER: IPM ALARM)

Cause: Any Fanuc servo amplifier module or servo amplifier unit presenting alarm 8., 9. A. while the Fanuc alarm 449 presents on the CNC with other alarms from Fanuc and the machine tool builder.

Typically the 449 alarms when any of the axis channels of the machine fail with the IPM (intelligent power module) or the power circuit of the drive falling over. Listed in the maint manuals as n Axis: INV. IPM alarm.

This alarm was released with the i series controls such as 16i, 18i, 21i and control systems onwards. Normally when the system alarms then inspect the drives either for AL. 8. on the single channel amplifiers or if duals or triples then 8., 9. and A. on the triple.

Solution: Once thee amplifier is identified then replacing the amplifier is the normal course of action for this fault.

Please do not confuse this alarm with the 8 / 9 / A / a / b / c alarms – note the missing period after the charachters. With stands for IPM or power circuit related problems; without thought the drive can cause the problem there are many other possible causes.

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If your Fanuc control system displays a 449 or 8./9./A. alarm then we can help by assiting with diagnosis and the supply of parts or repair of servo amplifier modules and servo amplifier units.

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