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FANUC ALARM 56 (SP int Fan)

Fanuc Alarm 56 (Internal Fan Failure)

Fanuc ALPHA i series spindle amplifier module presenting as Fanuc alarm 56. Indicating a failure or problem with the internal fan fitted on a clipped plastic into the drive.

This alarm can present on 6111, 6112, 6116, 6121, 6122, 6141, 6142, 6151, 6152, 6154 spindle amplifier from the ai series.

Look for flashing yellow FAN tab on CNC control.

Accompanying system alarm SP9056 which will force the machine into alarm condition and stop the drives from functioning beyond interfacing.

Alarm 56 should be present on SP (spindle amplifier module) status display in the electrics cabinet.

Fault Finding alarm 56 on SP.

  • Feel if the fan is blowing.
  • Check Fan Speed Diagnostic (1723 / 1724)
  • Objects or dirt/contamination blocking the fan
    • Check for objects stopping the fan or clean off the fan if obstructed (could be a free fix).
  • Reseat connections:
    • Bad Fan connection
    • Fan connector not seating properly
    • Reseat the control pcb
  • Replace the fan
    • Part number starts with A90L-0001-0xxx#x or will have a NBT-MAT, SanAce WF series.
  • None of the above replace spindle amplifier module

NOTE: Please make sure its a competent individual that has requisite training, knowledge, skills to work on powered CNC machine tool. Or contact your local CNC service engineer to inspect the Fanuc ALARM 56.

Click this link if you have Alarm 88 presented on the spindle module.

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